With recent events across the country and the looming date of pubs re opening, it’s natural to feel apprehensive over how safe evenings in the city are.

Fortunately in Chelmsford, we have always prioritised the safety of visitors and employees in our city and here are some of the ways how...

One Chelmsford are working in partnership with Essex Police to fund and support the introduction of Nightlife Crews in some of our evening venues across the city. These are teams of trained specialists who are able to identify potential vulnerable or predatory behaviour and work with the venues, Police and other organisations to prevent any serious situations.

The SOS bus is also making a welcome return, offering medical advice and attention to those in need and will be working closely with the new Nightlife Crews.

The BID are really pleased to welcome back the city centre ambassadors who will be on hand 7 days a week to support visitors and employees within the city and we are currently looking at the potential introduction of evening shifts in order to further support the night time economy.

Back in 2020 we installed new street lighting along the river, creating a safer journey from the city centre to the Baddow Road car park, after listening to business feedback. We are currently working on light installations in other parts of the city as well in order to help make people feel safer walking around after dark.

One Chelmsford fund a licenced communication tool used across the night time economy businesses which helps venues identify antisocial behaviour and those responsible and deter the movement of said individuals around the city. We have received good feedback from this initiative and have seen great results from the Police and those dealing with antisocial behaviour.

For several years now, Chelmsford has been awarded Purple Flag status, highlighting that the city meets and surpasses the standards of excellence in managing the evening and night time economy. On top of this, Chelmsford has also gone through the Best Bar None accreditation scheme and proud to be part of a movement set up to improve the standards of the evening and night time economy. Through a combination of responsible management and operation of licensed premises, ongoing improvements, and social responsibility, Best Bar None’s goal is to help provide a safer night out to all.

Safety First Here in Chelmsford